Aesop Academy is a not-for-profit educational platform designed to help strengthen programming skills via visualization. Our free coding challenges allow students to test their problem-solving abilities and knowledge of data structures with visual feedback.

Want to try it for yourself? Check out the Sandbox to try out an example challenge.

(Note that Aesop Academy is still a work in progress – we're aware that there are some pesky bugs hanging around. If you'd like to inform us of a bug, email us at aesopacademy (at) gmail (dot) com. For the best possible experience, use Google Chrome with a fully expanded browser window.)

Why Visualization?

Research in Computer Science education has shown that visualization is an effective tool for increasing engagement and learning. Furthermore, visualization is most effective when it is interactive, and not simply a visual aid. That's why our challenges visualize students' own code, allowing them to view their program at various stages of completion and iterate towards a successful solution.


Aesop Academy was developed by James Tran, Grace Kwan, and Simon Zheng for CS210, a Computer Science senior project course at Stanford University. The parsing code is an extension of Conjure, a code visualization project by Grace Kwan and Phillip Chen.


Our most heartfelt appreciation goes out to:

  • Jay Borenstein and the CS210 Teaching Team for their incredible support and guidance throughout this project
  • Phil Chen for allowing us to use his code as a starting point for our development
  • Ivy Kwan for her phenomenal work turning our initial sketches into the official graphics of Aesop the red panda
  • Jace Alexander and Raquel Orendain Shrestha for developing our promo video
  • All the attendees of our original launch event for their valuable advice and feedback

Aesop the red panda Aesop the red panda